Make Money Online - How Your Site Can Make Money To Support Itself

If you do a search for any of the following phrases below your guarantee to get a lot of results.

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Some of the sites do have good intentions in providing you with the information that can start you on your way of actually making money online while others appear to be just a way to separate you from your money. Well hopefully you will find this article to be in the 1st category as one that can start you on your way to actually start making money. This article was written to provide you with the minimum steps you need to follow in order to "successfully" start you on your way to earning money online. 

Step 1 - Create an online presence.

First step to making money online is having an online presence. This could consist of having a blog, website, streaming videos from a service such as YouTube or a well balanced combination of all three. The goal is to have an online presence with hopefully a following. Although this posting will cover making money via a blog, the principles detailed in the posting are also true for other types of online sites. Below are just a few Pros and Cons of creating a blog and hopefully you can see why I’m just concentrating on making money via a blog for this post.


Pros -

  • Pretty simple to get started. Not much technical skill needed.
  • Can have an online presence in a manner of minutes
  • Can blog about virtually anything.
  • You can make a little $

Cons -

  • You must like to write
  • To build a following you will have to blog regularly
  • You can make a “little” $

Step 2 -- Blogging -- To Host or Not To Host (That is the question)!

So after reviewing some the Pros and Cons associated with blogging, you decide that creating a blog is the way to go. The next big decision you need to make is whether to host or not to host your blog. First lets review the quickest, less technical and cheapest option for your blog site which is not to host your blog yourself and use a blog hosting service.

Using a Blog Hosting Service

For many people blogging itself can be very time consuming and adding the additional responsibility of actually having to maintain your own blog site can be very overwhelming. If you're new to blogging or don’t want to have the added time and financial responsibility that can come with hosting your own blog site, then using one of the many freely available blog hosting services may be just for you.


  • There are many advantages to using a blog hosting service such as:
  • No system maintenance required.
  • No down time
  • Quick startup. You can be up and running in minutes.
  • Functional - Most features and functions have been preconfigured for your use which allows you to have a semi-professional site within minutes.
  • And of course you can't forget the fact that there is no money out of your pocket to have your blog because most blog hosting services are FREE


  • Just like there is two sides on a coin, there are also some disadvantages to using a blog hosting service too:
  • Limited to only the features and templates available to the site
  • May limit or disallowed the type of blog you are interested in creating i.e. mature, controversial, etc
  • Can restrict you from earning $$ by limiting what can be displayed on your blog.
  • Limited scalability
  • May have issues validating that you are the owner of the blog when submitting your blog to be index by search engines

There are many blogging sites that you can use to host your blog and the below list is just a sample of some of the most popular blog hosting sites.

Blogging Sites:
Open Diary


Host Your Own Blogging Site

Some people may prefer to have more control over their blog than what the blog hosting service may allow. For these people hosting their own blog may just be their best option for their blog. Hosting your own blog give you complete control over how your blog will looks and functions. There is no censorship on the content you post on your blog and it can provide you with the capability to transform your blog into it’s next online evolutionary presence. Just like using a blog hosting service, hosting your own blog does have it advantages and disadvantages.


  • More control over how the blog is configured
  • Scalable - Not limited to just blogging
  • No cesnsorship
  • You can place and sell your own ad space
  • May be able to make a little more $$ than hosting on a free site


  • Requires more technical skill to maintain than a blog
  • May experience downtime
  • More time consuming
  • Not free

If hosting your own blog seem to be the best option for you, there are many affordable hosting provider on the Internet that would be happy to host your blog for you. Below I have listed some of the popular hosting providers that many self hosting bloggers use and signing up with some of these providers via this site may also reward you with an additional discounts on your total cost.  

iPages affiliate_link
WestHost VPS Web Hosting

Step 3 -- Setting up your Blog

There are many resources available to you as a blogger for setting up and configuring your blog. Amazon also offers a free Kindle book for creating a blog with Wordpress that I highly recommend if you have no experience in creating a blog.

WordPress Power Guide - Using WordPress to Blog Your Way to Success - Blogging Guide

Step 4 -- Acquiring Advertisers

So now you have started your 1st blog or maybe you have an established blog but you want to start making some money from your blogging efforts. Well it’s time to start signing up with advertisers so you can display advertisement on our blog. I have compiled a list of the major “advertisers” that you as a blogger can get paid for placing their ads on your blog. In the future I plan to do a more detailed comparison of each ad service provider but until then I have just provided you with a quick link to signup with each ad service.

Google AdSense Adsense
Text Link ‘Ads

Step 5 - Placing Ads on your Blog

There are various types of ads that you can display on your blog such as display, text, video, mobile and link ads. These ads come in various shapes and sizes.

Type of ads:

Display ads -Display ads are graphical ads design to catch an users attention with a graphical picture. Many of these ads take to heart the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and are design to visually enticed the end user into clicking the ad for more information.

Text ads - Text ads are just as the name implies, ads that only consists of a couple lines of text.

Inline Text ads - Inline text ads are ads that parse the content of your page and highlight key words that when a user hovers their mouse over the highlighted word parsed by the ad service provider a pop-up ad related to that keyword would be displayed.

Video ads - Video ads are ads that are designed to display over video content.

Moblie ads - Mobile ads are ads that are designed to display on devices such as some mobile phones that can’t render Javascript, ave much small display space and are unable to display regular ad content. .

Link/List ads - Link ads are ads that are designed to be of more interest to users and are interactive in nature.

Depending on the type of blog hosting you have chosen and the ad service provider you decide to use, you may be limited on the type, number and size of the ad you can place on your blog. Some ad service providers may limit you from displaying competing ad providers on the same page that their ads display. Pay close attention to the terms and services agreement of your ad service provider to avoid violating the agreement between you and the ad service provider.